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Mily the Millennial: A Tall Tale

by Kailey Ann (2022)

The story picks up in the summer of 2001, when nearly eight-year-old Mily Junegrass Womack-Yoder trips into a patch of Pitcher’s thistle. All at once, she loses almost half her marbles and winds up with magic bugs in her brain.

The bugs, called the Clairs (on account of their various clairvoyances), give Mily a higher sense of awareness. With the Clairs’ magic powers, she just might stand a chance against her family’s curse of Schleprockness.

Mily’s story is riddled with impossible events. The most unlikely of these may seem flung into the Land of Far-Fetched. When it seems that improbability has no limit, remember this: Euchre is a game of tricks.

• Coming of Age • Fantasy • Prose Poetry • Inspired Fiction •

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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