The Avatar the Last Airbender Podcast

Welcome to the Earth Nation! Tales of Aang's Glow-Power have spread across the globe. General Fong says it's time to win the war – so it's time for Aang to fight the Fire Lord. Princess Azula joins the hunt, and Zuko yearns for his lost honor. AJ and I dive into Book 2 Episode 1 and talk power dynamics, culture shocks, sibling rivalries, and kicking rocks. 
  1. B2: Episode 1 The Avatar State
  2. LIVE REACTION | B1: Episodes 19-20 The Siege of the North, Part 1 AND 2
  3. B1: Episode 18 The Waterbending Master
  4. B1: Episode 17 The Northern Air Temple
  5. B1: Episode 16 The Deserter
  6. B1: Episode 15 Bato of the Water Tribe
  7. B1: Episode 14 The Fortuneteller
  8. LIVE REACTION | B1: Episode 13 The Blue Spirit – W/ SPECIAL GUEST SETH!
  9. B1: Episode 12 The Storm
  10. B1: Episode 11 The Great Divide

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