The Bride Shop

My Sister-in-law is the proud owner of this amazing new online bridal store! They're just getting started, but already the store is filled with items perfect for events leading up to the big day. Get bags, bouquets, mugs, shirts, totes, tumblers and more! Even better, you can use my personal code to take 15% OFF …

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If this story speaks to you, please share it 🙏

Excuse the blowing wind— In this video, I say some stuff that may be hard for some folks to hear. I said it all the same. For me, this was a chance to finally really speak directly to a very difficult time in my life, but my decision to do it in this way has everything to do with SCOTUS’s recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade. If that isn’t something you’re interested in hearing my take on, that’s okay! But for those of you who have 18 minutes and want to listen, thanks. I hope that this reaches someone who needs to hear it.