III. UPTURNED – Read Aloud by the Author

https://youtu.be/87rXIZ5R7gA MILY THE MILLENNIAL | III. Upturned. Copyright 2021 by Kailey Ann. All rights reserved. This is the third chapter of a #metafiction novel by Kailey Ann, read aloud by the author. Discover more about this story at HEDERAREADS.COM.hederareads.com/mily-the-millennial

Kailey Ann Discusses Nature and Mily the Millennial

Kailey Ann Discusses Nature and Mily the Millennial http://naturalistweekly.com/2021/11/10/kailey-ann-discusses-nature-and-mily-the-millennial/ — Read on naturalistweekly.com/2021/11/10/kailey-ann-discusses-nature-and-mily-the-millennial/ My interview with Naturalist Weekly!