We’re Kailey and AJ, married folks talking about Avatar the Last Airbender. Kailey has seen every episode. AJ is seeing them all for the first time. Assorted musings, lots of “umm”s, some undue pomposity. This is a show about cartoons made by adults. All sponsors are fake and all jingles are original.

Welcome to the Earth Nation! Tales of Aang's Glow-Power have spread across the globe. General Fong says it's time to win the war – so it's time for Aang to fight the Fire Lord. Princess Azula joins the hunt, and Zuko yearns for his lost honor. AJ and I dive into Book 2 Episode 1 and talk power dynamics, culture shocks, sibling rivalries, and kicking rocks. 
  1. B2: Episode 1 The Avatar State
  2. LIVE REACTION | B1: Episodes 19-20 The Siege of the North, Part 1 AND 2
  3. B1: Episode 18 The Waterbending Master
  4. B1: Episode 17 The Northern Air Temple
  5. B1: Episode 16 The Deserter

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