III. UPTURNED – Read Aloud by the Author

https://youtu.be/87rXIZ5R7gA MILY THE MILLENNIAL | III. Upturned. Copyright 2021 by Kailey Ann. All rights reserved. This is the third chapter of a #metafiction novel by Kailey Ann, read aloud by the author. Discover more about this story at HEDERAREADS.COM.hederareads.com/mily-the-millennial

The Power of my People | A Call to Crowdsource

"I plan for this book to be in readers hands before winter. Fall is the season of shedding skins, bright colors, and corn mazes. Writing this book has gotten my life back on the right tracks. I'm not afraid to stand and consider a Crossroads anymore - That's where I'm from, it's who I am." @bykaileyann