“The Parable of the Hidden Treasure”

A poem inspired by scripture – See Matthew 13:44 NIV

Composed @bykaileyann on 1964 SUPER STERLING SMITH-CORONA electric typewriter.

My whole life I pined for knowledge

of the land I come from and the story I’m promised

Your time has been kind though I’ve wandered

to the ends of her rivers and back and all over

Behind all my reason encamped these certain ponderings

virtuous as her nightlight in cornrows of standing water

My love of her firs knows

where my treasure is:

My whole heart is rooted in Diana.


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A poem working through some of my protagonist’s feelings right now (and my own). #amwritingfiction #MilytheMillennial #HederaReads

I say of the holy people who are in the land,
    They are the noble ones in whom is all my delight.

Psalm 16:3 NIV

I mourn,
unfocused stares
into beige shag carpet
and the double-strip hash-stitch
of my rusted red armchair.

I miss,
unfettered grins
unto unfeigned exchanges
beloved rehashings of rare chances
and near-misses.

I mind,
unspoken wishes resound, Lord
awakening my inner eye with hope
refreshing me in the mourning time
before I’m home.



A poem to prime my mind for writing prose.

Remember when there was a place
called a playhouse:
the world was of your own making:
Kingdoms and neighborhoods where rarely
something got took that didn’t need taking back:
A laugh looking on from the window,
that little shed you called ‘playhouse’
empty of everything but spare logs and the lawn mower
the world says it’s yours for the taking but
remember how big the worlds were
when you built them with valor and whim:


30 January 2021

“Good Vs. Bad”

A poem about warring mindsets of depression in my experience.

What Are Bad Thoughts?

I never seem to smile
When the weather’s changing
Maybe it’s me
In my own thundercloud,
You ever wonder if the pressure’s greater
Inside or out?
It’s a pattern that’ll pass
It’ll pass
Clap up the courage
Whether the rain might
Melt you alive or 
Leave you be.

What Are Good Thoughts?

I always loved the ‘message-in-a-bottle’
Cliche, forgive me being
But wouldn’t I be so pleasantly 
Startled when happenstance 
Led me to where I’d uncover
A treasurous scroll
Corked and cast to Fate’s
Winds and waves
Naming me worthy of
Beginning to

by Kailey Ann


A poem about the sense of awareness.


A Sense
Of something coming
Mixed up mashed up bits
Of foresight and sound
Tension straining
To explain would only
Smash up the blips
Of what makes sense

Six Pence
Pocketful of chink’n change
Listen — a tink! 
In the clatter
Silver edges
Ring in ears
Whose eyes follow

by Kailey Ann


Twenty Poems From 2020


Excited to share some of the #poems from my from my first completed #poetrycollection, “#Blue: Twenty Poems From 2020” ✨🦋✨

Special thanks and love to @aj_capuano who helped me reconnect with my writing spirit and walked every step of this year with me ♥️And thanks to all my friends, family, and readers for giving me endless reasons to keep going.

“Blue” was named for the #karnerblue butterfly, an endangered gem you can still see in beautiful places like #IndianaDunes, my favorite place in the world, which inspired many of the poems in this collection.
Happy Holidays everyone! #writing #poetry #writingcommunity

Available for purchase on Kindle – paperbacks coming soon!

by @kaileyann

Buy Blue on the Kindle Store:

“20 Days & 19 Nights”

A poem about overcoming fear after a break-in in April 2020.

07 Full Moon,
08 bright evening sun, your game is grace, your light is silver threads, I follow to the ends of trials and sufferings where blessings rain
09 STILL AWAKE – But God – how dare he take away my peaceful
10 WHAT WAS THAT sleep.
11 Holy cow, what a little rest can do. It’s night again… I missed the light of day. It still feels like Good Friday, so I’ll try to do Jesus things. Maybe I’ll watch The Passion – Is it bad that feels a little too graphic today, Lord?
12 EASTER SUNDAY means online church. Kinda cool God, Emmanuel’s been doing it for years. Danny spoke about “Eager Hope” (Romans 8:20-21), and golly I needed to hear it.
13 whatwasthat ( ) breathe, breathe, breatheGASP ( ) it’s okay, you’re okay
14 You just need sleep is all, rest and be your best. There’s NOONEOUTSIDE.
Half Moon; You didn’t get any work done, but you made it to class. It’s a start at least.
15 Wake up, Write, Eat, Write, Watch She-Ra,
16 Sleep, Wakeup, Eat, Write, Watch ATLA,
17 Eat, Write, Sleep,
19 OW. It doesn’t really hurt, but the memory of it makes my mind glitchy, itchy,
YIKES – Snap out of it. Eager eyes give hope, remember King David: I WILL NOT BE SHAKEN.
20 Was any of that writing last week even for school? My heart says yes but my head (and assignments) say, “No, bro.”
21 For education then for collection of wisdom, Intellection then (you’re not sleeping again). It’s too late to keep working on this; I’ll just get
22 New Moon,
dark skies, numb thighs, bouncy knees that just won’t break tempo.
23 My husband’s eyes always looked like stars, and they’ll keep me safe tonight,
my moon is unseen, but your gaze is sure and glittering, and I love you more than
24 all the stars I can count in this incredible light-pollution-free Missouri sky.
All I can do is try, and I’m doing that for us because I did this once already, I can
25 beat it again… woops, time to go to bed.
26 “You’ve never seen Glengarry Glen Ross?” Wait, Alec Baldwin’s only in this for like three minutes? I thought he was the lead. “What made you think that?” You know, because of the
27 ‘YOU SEE THIS WATCH?’ memes. He was barely even there, like who even is he again? Just nuts how he just walks in a room and scares some dudes and they all just fall apart.

by Kailey Ann

“Writing Is Novel”

A poem about how awesome it is that so many people alive today have the ability to write.

This is novel
Here I am
Pen in hand
Part head, heart
Spelled out plainly
In ink
On a sheet of lined paper
How many centuries
Did women fight
So I could be
Hear, my voice on a page
How many stories
Can be remembered
By my hand?

by Kailey Ann