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6 June 2020

“By George” was inspired by a few things that have been on my mind lately.

One is the importance of good educators, and the best example I have is my Mom, so she’s central to this; another driver of this piece is the idea of Leadership, which I’m currently studying at Truman State University.

I remembered this time in second grade when everyone of us seven-to-eight year-olds performed as George Washington in a play for our parents and teachers. We told his life a sentence at a time, each of us telling a little piece of the first President’s story.

We all have a part to play that’s unique to us, I really believe that. Today my professor quoted a book I can’t remember the name of that basically said that the purpose of memoir is pursuing the truth. It’s creative nonfiction, but with the intent of telling the truth. Whatever that means.

I think I get what it means, or I’m getting it, and I’m starting to sort out my truths through reflection. So, here’s a look at some of the first steps into my memory pool.

Happy Reading,

Kailey Ann

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