“I Wish With Words”

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“The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places… You make known to me the path of life…”

Psalm 16: 6, 11 (NIV)


Author’s Mission #prosepoem towards a chapter of Mily the Millennial.

LORD I don’t know where to start. Was it when l got bit by a dog, or before then? Have I always been like this? I know more than is normal, that’s easy to see. But it’s just four words, really; they sound silly in my friends’ ears – Not me, but you. When I’m through with trying to draw distinctions between what they call predictions but I must insist are observations, aren’t they? I see and hear, senses mirrored from my center, sight and sound inside and out. I’ll say it’s no VISION, because that word’s gone so Trelawney these days…

GOD I don’t know how to begin. Were you laughing when I shook my fists for being born in the Crossroads? Almighty, when will they see such irony as planning? Who am I to just go looking for meaning in my life? Yours. And so I will be. Go on now – laugh – How am I supposed to know which path? I’ve realized that the road less travelled appears at my feet, but what memory could capture the coordinates from when I first stepped on it?

JESUS I just have to say I believe in you. Why not? Um. Because I’m saying it wrong even to myself. Growing up, I always wanted to believe, but I didn’t really. I doubted till I got my Goodacre dollar. And I want to be done deciding how to say it right because I can’t deny anymore and get anywhere. I know you. When I said I didn’t, I was lying. So I can know where to go from here, truth will out:

CHRIST I wish for you to use my words to show them who you are.


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