“We Are Branches”

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A poem spurred when I was reading the Book of Daniel.

DANIEL Ch. 1-8 (NIV)

Time, times and half a time =
Year, two years and half a year =
12 months, 24 months and six months =
360 days, 720 days and 180 days =

1,260 days, or
42 months.

A ‘month’ was lunar; there are always 30 days in a month, using the definition which applies to the text as written, then. Context must be regarded; it cannot be rewritten. Knowledge becomes a trivial pursuit when cut from its roots.

The stump remains.

We can remember the taste of a golden apple, and the way we enjoyed the shade under that tree, and if you’re like me, feel the joy of discovering how high I could climb—how far I could see.

See some of those trees in your mind: the ones down on the powerline, or lodged through the window or fallen in the road during a good thunderstorm. Please, remember with me how all things do die, at least; all things that live, do die. Would any good come from leaving the big tree in the middle of the road? Even if you knew it had been one of the very best trees, would you let it stay and obstruct your travel while it withered and rotted away? Do you need to leave the trunk lying in the way to remember the taste of golden apples?

The roots remain, unseen.

Regard, the stump.

by Kailey Ann

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