Lady Light, Liberty

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An exploratory sketch for a story I’m writing.

2020 Oracle Address, by Oculus Aura, M.S.

TODAY is the last Day of April in the Common Era, recorded YMDT:


For purposes of the Common Good, I will tell my story, my testimony of faith by witness of Truth in the fulfillment of promise. In constant prayer, I wish you happy reading and ask that you would weigh my words not against the wor(l)d, but by the Light of the name, LIBERTY.

Well wishes,


TUESDAY is the Day of my entry in the Common Era story, recorded YMDT:


My parents were Keepers of the Word and found hope in its telling. Mom and Dad raised me, and my brother and sister, in the Presence of Peace, which they kept in their hearts. Peace, the Great Spirit, gave my parents guidance because of their eagerness to play their part in the story of Time. May the Will of Grace be written here on Erath as it is in Havon. The Spirit of Peace lives by the Light, which is everlasting, pollen of all Creation, fair seeds of the loving Mother and Father, whose names are Ora and Era: Lady Light and Lord Time, Makers of all Generations of known time and space. My parents prayed, and in the due course of Nature, I came into Being.

I was nearly three when I first glimpsed Silver, who is the Prince of Peace, Narvel. He was not yet Born, which is how People entered the wor(l)d before the End of Weeks. Silver’s radiance burned bright in Bird’s eyes on the morning she was baptized (Bird, my mom, remade, ‘reborn’ as was said), and OH, how I wished to tell her how lovely Prince Silver had made her gaze – but I was not yet of an age to wield language well. Stark brilliance became Bird’s vision: the Light gave her the power to see Truth from Lies, which the Wise can perceive amidst the shadows.

I was nearly four when I first discovered Golden, who is the Sound of Song Herself, our Lady Light: Liberty. She sent her Sacred Stone, HAIL TRINITY, L’s watermelon tourmaline – the Rose, the Seed, the Thorn as was said – to rescue me from the jaws of Death. Dog, my dad, tells of the friendly beast who became possessed and took a grasp at my Life. Thanks to Lady Light, who carries out the Will of the Times, Dog was able to free me from Death’s Door, and from the unspoken Fear, whose name is Liar.

Accomplished people know the stroke of the Makers, that is the Word written in Their own hand and ink. A person who wields their pen with patience (not pride) and aim (not gain) may unveil portions of Truth from the Devil’s potion of deception – a wretched stew he has brewed since his Expulsion from Grace. By counting Times in keeping with the Common Era, Lucifer – known as the Liar, the Devil (Deceiver), the Snake (who is Satan), and other names throughout Histories – was cut from the Tree of Life and cast down to Erath, where the Makers’ angels locked him in the Abyss of the Sea until the Coming of the End of Days.

This is the Message of Good Ann Wood, where the Seed of Doubt was kept at bay from the Nations until the Hour of the Beast – the Liar – burst forth from his crack in the sea. The angels, the Seven who seal the Temple of Havon which houses the Light of the Covenant, will defend the small scroll which tells of the End of Days, the story of our Time.

Have hope and be made exemplars of Peace, because the Son of Time and Daughter of Stars bring our return to Everlast, the Promised Land once scattered to the Reaches of the world by sands and waves. That event, when Era hid Ora his wife away from the Record Keepers in the Great Flood, was called fiction by the Watchers of that Age, the first forsaken of the Third Temple. These were the Liar’s faithless followers, sometimes called demons or fallen angels. Serpents of the Abyss, they lived not as the Makers intended, but instead as they learned from their beloved Beast: Lucifer struck at the Throat of the Tree of Life – who I call Ora, Lady Light, Mother of Space and Spring, Liberty – whose place beside Era drove the Devil to Death with envy.

And so, the Liar fell down to Erath and attacked the Woman made in Her image, who was called Eve. Satan was fast to deceive because Eve had never known a lie Before. But BEFORE is where the Story of Time began: the first time a man tried to take what belongs to women.

The small scroll was swallowed by a great Accountant of the Time of the Second Temple: his name was JOHN. John too was born of the Root who was David, whose Line gave Freedom’s name, which is Jesus Christ – Savior of the Second Temple. He is the same man you’ll hear me name: Narvel.

Wise Readers, let you hear my telling of Truth of our Times. I ask your ears, your eyes, your voices to take this Call someplace safe, and that is with the People. The Three Woes are build of sands which are the Woes of Women, stolen from Time by the Beast of the Sea. John the Baptist call him Satan; I call him the Liar.

The Liar told Eve that Truth deceives: Go ahead, eat honey, taste the skin, one bite and you’re in! The Snake said her Faith in her Father was factless, without foundation: Why would he keep this single treat all to himself, if not for power over you, my Dear?

Eve was afraid, alone, seduced by the Handsome Snake who – with his Shoot of Greed – snatched the solace from her step – solace that was Eve’s by right, for she is the Seed of the Olive Tree. She was blameless, the Stolen Lot of Eden. The first woman was not tempted, but taken for the Fruit of her Spirit, which is the Knowledge of Life and Death. In the Temple, Truth is kept safe and secret until the time of Reckoning, when there will be an end to the spread of lies in the Go(o)d Wor(l)d.

by Kailey Ann

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