“Ramblings from the Crossroads of America”

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A poem about my home state, Indiana.

Oh, I love Indiana sunsets
Highlighter pink cloudy streaks
The horizon’s green if you stare right at it – 
The gleam of Venus – Mars? – one or two stars –
Piecemeal puddles shining out in the cropped cornrows – 
Or were they beans this season?
I wasn’t there to see a sunset last September,
But I’ve seen five-thousand pieces of the sky
Reflected in the fields of my family’s old farmland –
What I’d give for just a sit, I admit…
On my old porch past Greensburg Road,
Muggy breath that smells of sunbaked grass 
And dirt
Flat plains – Wide Open!
Earth and sky – to see the Harvest Moon rise!
Thoughts of Indiana sunsets make homesick Hoosiers glow.

by Kailey Ann

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