“What’s trump?”

Written in


A poem about euchre.

“What’s trump?”
“No, what is trump?”
“It’s the strongest suit.”
“So spades is the strongest suit?”
“Right now it is.”
“Trump changes?”
“Pretty much every round.”
“What’s a round?”
“We’re dealt a hand, and we bid to take tricks.”
“What’s a trick?”
“A successful bid.”
“How many tricks do you need to win?”
“Three outta five for a point in the round. Take all five tricks and it’ll earn ya two points. First team to ten points wins.”
“So you bid to take tricks to earn points to win?”
“But what’s trump?”
“It’s the suit that’s ordered up.”
“So trump changes suits? And it’s the strongest suit?”
“All the time – well, unless you’ve got a Joker.”

by Kailey Ann

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