“20 Days & 19 Nights”

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A poem about overcoming fear after a break-in in April 2020.

07 Full Moon,
08 bright evening sun, your game is grace, your light is silver threads, I follow to the ends of trials and sufferings where blessings rain
09 STILL AWAKE – But God – how dare he take away my peaceful
10 WHAT WAS THAT sleep.
11 Holy cow, what a little rest can do. It’s night again… I missed the light of day. It still feels like Good Friday, so I’ll try to do Jesus things. Maybe I’ll watch The Passion – Is it bad that feels a little too graphic today, Lord?
12 EASTER SUNDAY means online church. Kinda cool God, Emmanuel’s been doing it for years. Danny spoke about “Eager Hope” (Romans 8:20-21), and golly I needed to hear it.
13 whatwasthat ( ) breathe, breathe, breatheGASP ( ) it’s okay, you’re okay
14 You just need sleep is all, rest and be your best. There’s NOONEOUTSIDE.
Half Moon; You didn’t get any work done, but you made it to class. It’s a start at least.
15 Wake up, Write, Eat, Write, Watch She-Ra,
16 Sleep, Wakeup, Eat, Write, Watch ATLA,
17 Eat, Write, Sleep,
19 OW. It doesn’t really hurt, but the memory of it makes my mind glitchy, itchy,
YIKES – Snap out of it. Eager eyes give hope, remember King David: I WILL NOT BE SHAKEN.
20 Was any of that writing last week even for school? My heart says yes but my head (and assignments) say, “No, bro.”
21 For education then for collection of wisdom, Intellection then (you’re not sleeping again). It’s too late to keep working on this; I’ll just get
22 New Moon,
dark skies, numb thighs, bouncy knees that just won’t break tempo.
23 My husband’s eyes always looked like stars, and they’ll keep me safe tonight,
my moon is unseen, but your gaze is sure and glittering, and I love you more than
24 all the stars I can count in this incredible light-pollution-free Missouri sky.
All I can do is try, and I’m doing that for us because I did this once already, I can
25 beat it again… woops, time to go to bed.
26 “You’ve never seen Glengarry Glen Ross?” Wait, Alec Baldwin’s only in this for like three minutes? I thought he was the lead. “What made you think that?” You know, because of the
27 ‘YOU SEE THIS WATCH?’ memes. He was barely even there, like who even is he again? Just nuts how he just walks in a room and scares some dudes and they all just fall apart.

by Kailey Ann

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