“It feels good to be free”

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A poem about not finishing my masters degree

Eleven months ago
I started my degree
I wanted to be a leader
A Master of the Art
I never thought I’d leave
Hindsight is 2020
I can only see it looking back
How badly I wanted letters
Beside my name
I didn’t need
I learned
I grew
If I knew then
What I know now
I might not have tried
My education’s mine
The world won’t listen
Just because there’s an M.A.
Beside my name
If I want it, that’s fine
But I am enough
With or without
The best I got was a B –
Not the highest;
I got A’s too –
But that B
Was most important
I can be my best anything
I have nothing to prove
And no reason to pay
Long as I’ve got room
I’ll keep growing
There’s no two ways about it:
The right to learn
To master the art
Is up to me.

It feels good to be free.

by Kailey Ann

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