“Good Vs. Bad”

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A poem about warring mindsets of depression in my experience.

What Are Bad Thoughts?

I never seem to smile
When the weather’s changing
Maybe it’s me
In my own thundercloud,
You ever wonder if the pressure’s greater
Inside or out?
It’s a pattern that’ll pass
It’ll pass
Clap up the courage
Whether the rain might
Melt you alive or 
Leave you be.

What Are Good Thoughts?

I always loved the ‘message-in-a-bottle’
Cliche, forgive me being
But wouldn’t I be so pleasantly 
Startled when happenstance 
Led me to where I’d uncover
A treasurous scroll
Corked and cast to Fate’s
Winds and waves
Naming me worthy of
Beginning to

by Kailey Ann

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