“Inauguration Day”

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A poem written during lunch today.

“Inauguration Day”

If this isn’t a national holiday,
then just what qualifies as reason
to celebrate the State?
Today my woman’s heart –
yes, biologically female,
if this detail of my Person
dictates one’s stake in finding wisdom
or relevancy in my words –
holds fast to hope.
My heart beats fast and slow;
I am cheering and hearing Kamala Harris in History classes
fifty, a hundred, heck 200 years from today.
Pause what you’re doing and watch her speak;
participate in good moments because breathing them in his how
we share the Good News.
Hooray – and my workday beckons.
Writing’s like this:
Time may be too short to flesh out a thought,
so here’s what I’ve got in the time given.
I’ll think on it all day and later
just to let it sink in deeper –
I witnessed the welcome of the first woman
ever elected to our executive office today.


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