“Talk 2/10/21”

Written in


A prose poem that’s also a prayer.

Composed on 1964 Smith-Corona Super Sterling Electric Typewriter | @bykaileyann

Weeks go by sometimes where I forget you’re looking out for me. Always waiting in the wings for me when the bet on me turns up short. Days come where I remember you’re there more often, when I see and it clicks and I fly a-bit before falling back down. Why is it that I don’t do much but climb branch to branch, higher and higher, not ever stopping to enjoy the view from the limbs I’ve made it to?

‘There’s something you need to see at the top of the tree.’ Closer now than time before, yes, I hear you calling me to the nest, the very reach of the Word Tree, when rest will refresh my sense of purpose. Am I nearer now, Lord Jesus it’s a long ways looking down from here. Guard it in your Presence – I am coming soon.

Months drag and zip by and I begin to face many things I’d been avoiding. Grace becomes the want of me in all I do and I know God, giving grace is what you do, but thanks for building up my confidence. I guess I’m good at climbing because that’s what I’m meant to do. Your Name Astounds me.


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