“This Tuesday”

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A poem in spite of a traumatic anniversary of mine ~ from last year’s break-in ~

See explanation of digital artwork in my strengths essay —
“My Leadership Strengths: A Self-Assessment,” @bykaileyann

“This Tuesday”


It’s Today

Whether or not it’s Tomorrow’s


It’s sunny and it’s Spring and it’s

Tuesday, a school day,

Only now I’m teaching and Today’s not going to end

The way that last year’s Tuesday did.


Where there’s Will, there is a way.

Where there’s Goodness, there is strength.

Where there’s Courage

When there’s Bravery

There is Hope, and reward.


I was born on a Tuesday –

Days like today are almost always Good,

So I won’t let one spoil my

Lot, not Tuesdays

Nor Tomorrow


Permalink to news story 4-07-2020:
“Naked man wearing only homemade face mask invades Kirksville student’s home,” by John Garlock, KTVO News

Link to personal essay in-response to the event:
“What are you going to do with that?” @bykaileyann

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