“Hand-picked Heirlooms”

A poem about some precious metal items I kept from my grandmothers’ things ~

I take keepsakes

Collect tokens

Retouch and arrange tarnished metal things

A little silver bell

Brown since well before I knew

A sterling finish doesn’t stay

If it sits unused

A Goodacre Dollar

Obverse face dated

An experimental wash

Wears the surface like varnished brass

Engraved in gold

A fleuron shining on

A broach

Save for teatime

All June’s life

All inside a drawstring pouch

Baby-blue velvet tucked in

A bright black-spotted kettle

I’ll never use to pour or brew

On account of how the metal smells

Still of Marlboro Reds

Even filled to the brin with White

Sage potpourri ~

Composed 4.14.21 @bykaileyann

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