Prose. April 2021 Challenge Prompt:

You and your friend find yourselves in Ciudad Hidalgo, the southernmost town in Mexico. You have to get back to Los Angeles without any money, or a car of your own. Your backpacks have food, coffee, and whiskey for five days. Your eyewear is a live feed to the reality show paying you $100k each upon your arrival in Los Angeles. You can tell no one about what you’re doing, and you have to travel up the center of the country, where you then travel the border from Manuel Benavides to Tijuana. Write about the danger, hunger, heat, and beauty, whether you pull it off or not. Make it long. $150 purse to the most riveting and shared post. 

Created by Prose.

Offshoot to Where & When: #Prose. @bykaileyann


Contextual Keys for before you begin reading ~


MJ Wood-Yoder (they/them), the Seer

PADRIC Lyre-Altera “Paddy” (he/him), the Composer


* (V.) The Question = How many tricks does it take to make a March a. ?


I.) The Danger =

II.) The Hunger = ♣

III.) The Heat =

IV.) The Beauty = ♠

The Answer *

/ n o t a r e

a. ”…two points are scored if the team that declared trump takes all five tricks”

Link to source:

Happy Reading    ~


Commence. –>

> You can tell no one about what you’re doing, and you have to travel up the center



       .    I. The Danger

* [Erath 2022 AR – timestamp/2022-07-14_13-00/ | location/ciudad-hidalgo/]

> Your eyewear is a live feed to the reality show

Paddy    You’re a diamond in the rough

MJ        Call a spade a spade why don’t ch’ya

Ah-HA! World, are you hearing this?

Alright already

Already is right! Compliments have no place in this race

   ^  ^

Viewers, I wish you could see our Voyager’s face –

   Just rolled my eyes, didn’t I?

We love to see it

   But they can’t see it right?

Nay, the blush of your cheeks is mine to behold for –

   The next five days

Better told in their lovely gaze, right y’all?

   It’s hotter’n Hades, dude. I don’t have sound in my ear,

   sorry uh ev’ryone – I’ve never been on TV before. Rest assured,

   I’m a great hiker



You’re right about the time, Emjay – how about I sprinkle

instead of

   Raining praise when

There’s no rain in the forecast


Love you.

The entire time

   Yee-ess we here t’shine    ~



       .    II. The Hunger

[Cont. – timestamp/2022-07-15 | location/manuel-benavides/]

> Food

Paddy    Gotta get that

Gotta get that

Gotta get that that that

that that

MJ        P-P-E !

Gotta get that


That P-P-E!

   Yeah it’s for free!

  * beat. * And so’s this bad beat…

I bet at least a’hundred K just left the stream

   Bet’cher bottom dollar on it

   Like y’all if you muted me that’s cool

Did I start that gawdawful tune, or you?

   Hard to say now that I’m eating this

   D to the E to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S

* dropbeat. * O’the taste of P-P-E

   Seriously why does this taste like strawberry-gusher?



       .    III. The Heat

[Cont. – timestamp/2022-07-15 | location/tijuana/]

> Coffee

MJ    I’m Alive-Awake-Alert-Enthusastic

Paddy   * clap-clap. * We’d like to take this moment to thank

our sponsors, ’specially the Nestlé blessing of this end-less

supply of instant coffee!

   Works wonders, truly.

Want to get something better, dear?

   ^  ^    * beat. *    I’m not take’n off till the sun’s past noon

That’s fairly soon

   Is it? It’s sweltering.

   Thanks for telling me to unplug. Are people still there?

They’ve been with us all the while


You didn’t even try learn Spanish for this trip

   Still my biggest mistep – nonstep – Jesus,

   I promise I’ll try to learn the language after this

Absolutely fantastic!

   I’m good at English I love it and that’s all great

   but I’m a cross-culture poser if I limit myself to one

   way of talking after all this

How much instant coffee did you stir in your canteen?

   I didn’t read the label

   Safe to say I may have been heavy-handed on the serving size

Hey MJ, want to make up for lost time?

   I set a good pace…

Sun’s blaze’n and it’s adventageous to finish the race faster, right?

   Okay – Ándale



       .   IV. The Beauty

[Cont. – timestamp/2022-07-15 | location/los-angeles/]

> Whiskey

Paddy    Ace No Face Bay-be!

MJ        That’s a New Deal – Pad! * bops. * Rye-Chuss-Ness

A-hundred hours?

   Twenty t’spare ~ damnear!

* MJ kisses Paddy. *

   Your turn

My turn for what?

   To present your point-of-view

   Let’s walk in the wake the rest of the way * removes glasses. *

* POV-lens = Paddy’s. * You still want to date after this?

   Well I married you because you’re the date-me forever type

   Plus we’ll be flushed with a tenth of a Mill’ and too much attention so

Bless up, dress up

   We did it.

What’s trump?

   Spades – I it ordered up.



       .   V.  ~

[Cont. – timestamp/offline/ | location/null/]

> March to Win


♠  ♠        ♠  ♠

♠  ♠    +            = 5/5 tricks –> March to Victory.

♠  ♠        ♠  ♠




#MilytheMillennial #InspiredFiction #MagicalRealism #Euchre

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