“What is the One Thing You Choose to Live For?”

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#Prose. @bykaileyann ~

I Reach for the Sky

I let something go

and it feels better

not a weight exactly

well wait no it wasn’t

a burden to shoulder

I got bolder

my mind’s a water mill

generator running right

to a cell block battery now

In stead of spinning round

my brainstem all night

sedimented spray and

sunbaked glass I

strained to see past

that temper frosted

window and pain

that seems like

vigilence and due

diligence yet

I wield a charge

filled Spirit again and

the ramshack fog is lifted

and I can live

knowing I can

run on hydropower

come what might

again ~



she/they ~ Inspired author, i.e. ‘prophessor’ of words. Made in Indiana, USA.

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