No Shutdown

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A poem containing thoughts and feelings @bykaileyann

Last time they Shutdown

My friends couldn’t pay their mortgages

Worse than that they couldn’t do their work

And our office was so vacant in the back

Without all the Rangers in there laughing

The best people I ever knew

Every one of them, I tell ya true

They take care of the land

And teach people what makes it special

Show them where to go to see


Their uniforms and badges

Were always second to their smiles

And talents

Botanists and Educators and Guides

Everyday was a surprise

They do nothing but good deeds

That’s their job

And never mind the paperwork

They all have to do it

But I learned from they way NPS works

Some sell hand-made fishing supplies on the side

And others write children’s books

Or help me host Kidditch on a perfect patch of grass

Preserved in a park they’re bound to protect

And better yet they love it

So Dear God don’t Shutdown

Because the consequences are fit to burst


If they can’t come to an agreement.


#freeverse #poetry

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