Dream Reconveyed 1

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Written August 18, 2022 at 1:23 AM (MT)

A dream of night-eyed beavers

Three or more of them aflame –

Their carnival-treat tails scuffled ‘cross 

Busted blocks of 20th century concrete –

Buck-tooth’d spits and hisses drowned

In the sound of falling timber –

Conveyed in the hellish glow

Of the mammals’ nostrils and eye sockets –

Untamed, pelts blackened by wildfire,

The colony’d reclaimed one of Man’s broken dams –

And backed me down the bone-dry spillway 

Till my heels met the littered riverbed –

And so I remember the smell of mud and smoke

Regardless of whether I was ever there ~


Tags: #poetry #freeverse #dreamjournal #spiritguides #animalpoems #surrealpoetry #dreams #unmetered #dreampoetry #poet #poetrycommunity #indieauthor #indiepoet #indiewriter #writingcommunity

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