“First Time to the Opera”

Written in



Went to Downtown Denver

And saw The Dead City1:

Where the Lead Soprano2, she

‘Lost her Voice temporarily’

And so became –

‘The Voice3‘ offstage –

Wholly embodied,

In performance ~




  • 1February 25, 2023. The Ellie Caulkins Opera House at Denver Performing Arts Complex: A PORTRAIT OF OBSESSION | DIE TOTE STADT (THE DEAD CITY). Performed in German, with English and Spanish subtitles at every seat. Music by Erich Korngold; Libretto by Julius Korngold. Premiered December 4, 1920, Hamburg State Opera (Hamburg, Germany)
  • 2Soprano who portrayed Marie/Marietta in DIE TOTE STADT.
  • 3 – ‘The Voice‘ of Marie/Marietta in DIE TOTE STADT.


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